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Like most areas of Southern California, the automobile dominates our imagination about how to get from one place to another. Even in our architecture, the car always dominates. But its certainly not the only way to get around.

Getting Around Town

Motor Vehicles

Mass Transit


There are quite a few bike paths in Ventura, especially near the Beach. There's even a car-free path from Ventura's beach to Ojai, but you'll have to share the trail with horses outside the Ventura city limits. Many roads have bike lanes as well, though you'll have to connect between sections without bike lanes or paths to get across town.


If you want to do the Socal thing and drive somewhere to walk somewhere else, the beach and the Ventura Pier are great places to walk around. Downtown is better experienced by walking than driving from place to place.

Travel Outside Ventura


Ventura hasn't had any air travel (other than helicopters and birds) since they took out the airstrip to build the Ventura Keys. The closest major airport is Burbank Airport (BUR), and LA International Airport (LAX) is not too much further, traffic permitting. Delta flies a connector flight from Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) to their hub in Salt Lake City, so that may be a good close option, too.

The closest airport is Oxnard Airport (OXR), off of Victoria Avenue and 5th in Oxnard. Oxnard Airport is mostly restricted to commuter flights and private aircraft. Santa Paula Airport (SZP) is small airport with exclusively private flights.

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